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Privacy Policy

Yatis Telematics is committed to protecting your privacy and earning and keeping your trust. We understand that you value your privacy, and that you may have concerns about how the data is collected, stored and utilized.

Data collected

The Yatis Telematics device collects:
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
  • Location
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Vibration
  • G-forces
  • VIN number
The Yatis Telematics web site and apps collect:
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Likeness (your photograph)
  • Vehicle type
  • IP Address
  • Credit card information
  • When linked with Facebook, Yatis Telematics has access to your
    • Email addresses
    • Friends
    • Timeline

How this data is used

Yatis Telematics does not examine the private contents of customer accounts. However, during normal operation and maintenance, we may observe certain metadata such as user names, settings, and statistics. You agree that Yatis Telematics may examine the contents of your account as necessary during customer support interactions initiated by you. We will not divulge data or metadata concerning the behavior of our customers, the private contents of their accounts, or their records for billing, to any law enforcement officer or agency without order served directly by a court having jurisdiction. We will give immediate notice to any customer named in such a court order, and access to their service will not be interrupted unless specifically barred by the court order. Except for this agreement, we will not divulge consumer or personal information of any kind about our customers to any party for any reason without your explicit permission or initiation. Your account data can be analyzed and presented to you in multiple ways through Yatis Telematics and third party application that you elect to use with your Yatis Telematics account. For instance, your account data can be displayed to you in the form of route and mileage tracking, driver score, engine trouble code diagnostics, geo fence boundary limits etc. as is the function of the service or app. When you choose to use such apps and services, you implicitly grant the apps access to portions of your account data to deliver the services requested. It is the responsibility of each app to disclose the Yatis Telematics data and how it is used. Third party apps are barred from making a copy of your Yatis Telematics account data without your explicit permission. You can access all current information about you and your vehicle(s) and manage it through the official Yatis Telematics web site and app. Many of the features and benefits of Yatis Telematics and third party applications will depend on where you drive. You can elect to disable the tracking of your vehicles location or speed – but this will disable the associated functions in many applications. Yatis Telematics will from time to time send you information about products and services that we think will be of interest to you, based on the specific condition of your vehicles or based on your driving patterns. For instance, we may communicate with you through Yatis Telematics applications or by e-mail, to introduce you to a supplier of maintenance services based on engine code notifications from your car, or we may introduce you to a product or service along your daily route. You will never receive unsolicited third party communications unless you choose to share your direct contact information with third party apps.

Posting to your Facebook and other social media accounts

The Yatis Telematics app and services will not post any items to your Facebook and any other social media account without your explicit approval.

How your data is stored

Yatis Telematics stores all data on a secure data storage cloud.

Further questions

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding privacy, you can reach us at: support@yatis.io.